Anyone can make money online, even if you don't have anything to sell.

Thousands of businesses and individuals have been making money online from their content, by placing pay per click ads on their pages.
These ads are free to anyone, and you can be paid directly by companies like Google AdSense, Bing and AdMedia. 

TOP 10 - There are a number of revenue streams you can activate to make money online. To view them, click on Top 10 Revenue Streams.

Income Activator is a website builder that anyone can operate, even if you're a one finger typist.

I'm Lee Romanov and I've been making money online since 1994, and I've struggled over the years with the high cost of webmasters and gurus telling me what to do. After the sale of to TorStar, I decided to create a website builder that allows any business or individual to make changes or updates without having to pay a webmaster. 

Further, I included 10 Revenue Streams that anyone can activate. There's no point in having a website if you're not making money from it. 

You can even use some of Income Activator's revenue streams as an add-ons to your existing website or blog. I've also included my marketing strategies that will lead you through what you need to do to have a website that generates revenue.

Please feel free to watch the video below entitled The Only Website Builder Focused On Making Money, and if you like what you see, you can get your own website by entering in your name and email below.

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