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Lee Romanov for Mayor of Toronto.

About Lee Romanov

Lee was born in Toronto and graduated from York University.

She is one of Canada's top entrepreneurs, self-made and well known  consumer advocate. She is an online expert, which is probably why she owns the domain name; Mayor of and not the city. 

She was a columnist for both the Toronto Star, Ontario's largest read newspaper, and The Globe and Mail, Canada's only national newspaper.

Lee Romanov created and hosted her own Talk TV show on CP 24, Toronto's most watched news station.

She launched the first rate comparison guide for Insurance, worldwide,  Insurance Hotline was also one of the first online 'lead generation businesses' in North America. Her business was later purchased by media giant Torstar, and is features as part of their Milestones In Torstar History 2007-2010.

Lee went on to build the first 'All-Inclusive Website Builder' being used by people worldwide; Income Activator's website builder provides businesses and individuals with revenue software, including her proprietary lead tracking software, that can be activated to generate an online income. 

She has been interviewed on news networks, around the word such as CTV, CBC, Global TV, the BBC, FOX and CNN as a consumer advocate.

Romanov has understood for a long time the power of the internet and knows very well, the internet is where the world converges.

Mayor's Platform

1.  Online Revenue
The city needs to promote itself on the world stage by creating it's own 'Search Engine' promoting Toronto's businesses, which will also increase tourism. 

2. Unemployed
The city needs to teach it's unemployed how to create their own online businesses. 

3. Lowering Taxes
The city can use the online revenue generated by having their own Search Engine, as mentioned above, to help lower taxes.

4. Your Voice
A website would be launched, outlining the city’s many issues. You will be able to go there to voice your opinion, which, if Mayor, I will take to council and present on your behalf. 

I have unique business skills to bring to City Hall that will make Toronto a city that is talked about around the world, for all the good reasons.

Your Opinion Counts 

I invite you to let me know what you would like the next Mayor to do for the city of Toronto by completing the above form.

Warm regards,
Lee Romanov 

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